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Picture a diet where you don’t have to count calories, watch the scale, and you can still eat all sorts of delicious food. You just need to stick to one major rule: if a caveman wouldn’t have eaten it, then neither should you. This is the Paleo diet.

Cavemen, or our Palaeolithic ancestors, were fitter, faster, leaner than us and many believe that this is because not only were they much more active, but also because they had no dairy or processed foods such as deli meats, artificial sweeteners, bread, cereals, refined sugars and dairy – all foods which are high in calories but very low in nutrition. If it looks like it was made in a factory, and especially if you don’t recognise all the ingredients – avoid it. So without bread, dairy and cereals, you may wonder what can you eat – well that’s the good news. If a caveman could have foraged for it, you can eat it – meat, fish and seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. This is the essence of the Paleo Hack Cookbook Review Paleo Diet.

This diet, or way of eating, is not about weight loss, or about depravation, it is about a lifestyle change, embracing a way of eating that is full of good fibres, vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory foods. Healthy fats and proteins keep you feeling fuller for longer, and quitting sugar and refined, processed carbohydrates will avoid the insulin spikes which leave you feeling tired and sluggish and gaining weight.

Paleo Recipes

Now you may be wondering where your energy will come from if you give up carbs, and this is the secret to this way of eating. Imagine your body as a car which has two fuel tanks. One for carbs, and one for fat. Now carbs are a quick and easy source of fuel – they are delicious to eat and so convenient, but they are low in nutritional value and worst of all they trigger an insulin spike, which leads to low blood sugar and try quickly you are hungry again. Not only do you now need to eat more food, you also have triggered an insulin spike which causes weight gain. So if carbs are not the best fuel for our bodies, what is the other option?

The best fuel for your body is fat. Yes, believe it or not, fat has been branded as the big bad cause of weight gain for years, but actually, the right fats are an extremely healthy and efficient fuel which keep your blood sugar and energy levels constant, keep you feeling fuller for longer, and don’t cause insulin spikes.

Over the years, conventional dieting wisdom has called for low fat, high carb meals and followed the guideline of calories in versus calories out. However this theory is coming under scrutiny more and more as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are on the rise and the conventional diet options are not helping. At the recent Public Health Collaboration (PHC) annual conference in London, there was a show of growing support for a Paleo way of eating, and a British public health and obesity researcher, Dr Zoe Harcombe, went as far as to say that the conventional weight loss guidelines of “eat less, move more” were “bollocks”.

So let’s get back to the basics and eat real food full of goodness and nutrition that makes our bodies stronger and healthier.


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